Coal plants in Italy

Italy imports via sea about 90% of its coal demand, on a fleet composed by 60 ships with a carrying capacity of 4,6 million of tons. Import countries are different: the main ones are the USA, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia and Colombia, but there are also Canada, Cina, Russia and Venezuela.

The only coal source in Italy is located in Sulcis Iglesiente basin, in South-West of Sardinia. In 1972 mining activities in this basin were suspended but since 1997 the basin has been studied by several researchers in order to evaluate new solutions to use in an environmental friendly way the coal of Sulcis. At present, the production is about 1 Million tons yearly. 

In Italy are currently operational the following coal power plants:

  • Plant of Fiumesanto (SS): owned by EP PRODUZIONE (EPH) has got 2 sections of 320 MW.
  • Plant of Monfalcone (GO) in Friuli Venezia Giulia region: owned by A2A, is made of 4 sections, two fuelled by coal of 165 and 171 MW and two by burning oil of 320 MW.
  • Plant of North Torrevaldaliga (Civitavecchia, RM) owned by ENEL SpA, is composed by three sections of 660 MW, that have been completely converted from oil to coal. The plant is in production since 2009.
  • Plant of Brescia owned by ASM of Brescia is made of one section of 70 MW and is fuelled by coal.
  • Plant of South Brindisi, owned by ENEL, is made of two sections of 660 MW each fuelled by coal. 
  • Plant of Sulcis owned by ENEL SpA, is made of one unit of 240 MW fuelled by coal and one unit of 340 MW.
  • Plant of Fusina (Veneto) owned by ENEL SpA, is made of two of 320 MW fuelled by coal.
  • Plant of La Spezia owned by ENEL SpA is made of four units of which one is of 600 MW and is fuelled by coal (partially operational; to be closed).