2011 World Coal Gen Conference

17-19 May - Beijing, P.R. China

18th Global Energy Dialogue and its subsidiary event 2011 World Coal Gen Conference organized by ARA Conference, are a series of forums and congresses which focus on Global energy industry changes as well as ongoing project opportunities.

The world coal generation industry has been, for long, in search of new methods that lead to further improved thermal efficiency and reduced emissions.

Today, many technological roadmaps have appeared and presented new hopes for getting closer to this target, which cover wide areas such as combustion techniques, coal gasification, ultra supercritical steam condition technologies as well as flue gas treatment, water management, new materials and the way to optimize plant operation.

As the 18th Global Energy Dialogue event, 2011 World Coal Gen Conference: The Roadmap to 100% Thermal Efficiency and Zero Emission will discuss these technology frontiers.

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